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Face of a Storm


I have been lucky enough to be involved in a very important volunteer organization of storm chasers across the country.  We love weather and storms, but we also see the damage and heartache it can cause first hand.  Because of that we have decided to give back.  Chasers around the country donate video footage and storm photos to us, and we produce the best of the best weather DVD / Blu-ray and a gorgeous calendar each year.  100% of the profits from these sales go directly to storm recovery, aid, and charitable organizations that locally assist storm victims at a grassroots level.

Please visit the website for more information and to contribute with a purchase, or find out more about helping as a storm chaser.



The Storm Chaser Community

I have been tremendously blessed to find myself so welcomed by the community of storm chasers across the country.  Since starting with a few sporadic chases back in 2007 through where I find myself today – chasing every setup I possibly can – I’ve been overwhelmed by the friends I have made and relationships forged.

With that, please take some time to explore the links below.  They will take you through the websites, galleries, news sites and blogs of my fellow chasers and photographers – every last one of whom, I greatly respect and admire.


Skip Talbot

The first of these featured chasers is my chase partner, Skip Talbot.  He is a brilliant forecaster and an innovative chaser who has pioneered many new approaches to storm documentation including the dome cam and most recently aerial chasing.  I am blessed to call him not only my chase partner, but my friend.

The Chase – Skip Talbot’s Storm Chasing Chronicles

Tony Laubach

Next, this person is the first who ever took me storm chasing so many years ago. If it weren’t for the unconditional friendship and ever-open heart of this person, I would not be where I am today.  He is a well respected chaser in the community, a professional meteorologist, and is also known for his involvement with Team Twistex.

Storm Chaser and Meteorologist Tony Laubach