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Face of a Storm



Jennifer Brindley Ubl – Storm Chaser / Photographer




Jennifer is a female storm chaser and professional photographer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

She spends the spring months focused on storm chasing and documenting tornado research in the United States.

When not chasing storms, Jennifer owns and operates a boutique Portrait Studio in Milwaukee, WI.  You can view that site here:


Click here to view Jennifer’s CV.


Storm chasing… it’s addicting.  It’s intensely rewarding.  It’s some of the most amazing experiences of my life.

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Bio, Portfolio and Presentation Videos

Meet one of the most well-known female storm chasers in the United States, Jennifer Brindley Ubl.

Jennifer has been chasing storms since 2006 and is currently part of a small team of scientists and storm chasers studying near-ground windspeeds on tornadoes.

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